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Hallgasd kedvenc zenéid Budapest legjobb sörbiciklijén és közben csapolj sört a haverokkal. Beerbike buli Budapest legszebb utcáin.
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About beer bike

About beer bike in a nutshell


The beerbikes can carry min.: 4 max.: 16 guests. As long as 8-10 people are pedaling, one people can tap, the other 4-5 participants have nothing else to do, but to enjoy the freshly draft beer and  the beauty of the city. Our sober driver garantees the safety in the traffic, the comfort of our guests and the satisfaction of their needs. In addition, pretty hostess girls and handsome host guys are going with you to make sure that the party is perfect.


We’ve got professional sound system on every bike, so you can listen to your own music in high quality from your smartphone or USB. If you’d like to give us the choice We’re prepared with some playlists. In the design of bicycles, our primary concern was the combination of safety and comfort. The high quality is ensured by continuous maintenance and continuous driver training. From now on, Kingbike has the largest fleet, so we are able to offer the same high quality service for a 150 people group.


For each Beerbike tour, we provide you with the right amount of beer that you can tap for yourself! The minimum quantity is 10 liters. For one hour tour we offer 20 liters of beer, but the all is up to you. Beside beer you can ask for wine, spricer and champagne along with the tour. Of course, alcohol can only be consumed by people over 18 years of age. That’s why we’re preparing with a lot of refreshments if you are too young or simply don’t drink beer.


The Beerbike tours start from the downtown of Budapest. A beerbike tour is a special way to discover the most beautiful parts of Budapest. The tour also affects Heroes Square, Városliget and Vajdahunyad Castle.


Make a special party with your favorite songs! Bring your own music (smartphone or usb), and we add the sound system and LED’s for the party mood. Or choose from the many songs that we have  on the bike. We guarantee the best party hits!


We can provide pretty hostesses or host boys for stag and bachelor parties, birthdays, who tap the beer for you, one less thing to worry about! They amuse the celebrated person and provide the party mood.


Get unforgettable experiences on the beerbike with friends in the beautiful and fun Budapest! Our professional photographer can capture the best moments on a video.

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