Best Hen and Stag Parties on Our Beerbike

Beerbike for  Stag party

One of the most common “pretexts” for bikers is the stag and bachelor parties. In our capital every year more and more foreign guests arrive, who often visit with the specific intention of going to a good weekend for their best friend and girlfriend’s happy days. However, beer bicycles are not just for foreigners and we see that more and more Hungarian stag parties are calling us!

Team building with beer bicycles

There are few occupations that are so comfortably connected to a work community like beer biking. Drinking beer with the workmates is an excellent program in itself, but beerbike is a special team-building “training” – staff have to work together with good mood, huge conversations – after all, the bicycle does not pedal itself!

Celebrate your birthday with a beer bicycle

Beerbiking is a great program for friend groups to get rid of the everyday drive and to spend a couple of pleasant rolling hours! It is not surprising, therefore, that the birthday teams are one of the most common beerbike guests! Not to mention that normally the birthday guests bring the coolest music to our beerbike!


One of our most amazing favorites are the fresh graduated and college students who, from May to August, are always on a bicycle tour! Young, energetic groups are those who drive the bike with the same power as they drink the beer ! However, it is important to note here that beer with beer alcohol content is served exclusively for young people aged 18 or over!

If you have questions about our beerbike rental service or you’d like a taste of the tour, please feel free to contact us.