Rules of the Beerbike Party

Responsible Consumption

Where wood is cut, the chips fall, or in our case where people are drinking, they will kick off sooner or later. There is nothing wrong with this, but we expect all the beerbiking guests to know their own limits – or else your friends can help to know. It’s easy, if you cannot get on the beer bike by yourself, you wont.

Fun, laughter with moderation

Feel free to wave to the pedestrians, high five with the scooter that goes next to us, but do not bother unnecessarily people who do not have the most beautiful day! Likewise, in case of any act causing anxiety, the tour is immediately stoped – for example, if we do not do our things at a designated toilet!

Sing it

Singing and songwriting is not only a suggested, but natural, or even a part of, every bit of a bicycle tour. After a few beer, everyone is learning to sing and that’s the way it is. It is nothing nicer than when 13 men  sings on the beerbikes. However, the general rule is also valid in this case – do not disturb others unjustifiably!

If you have questions or you’d have a taste for a beerbike tour in Budapest, feel free to contact us.